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Red Balloon Series

The Red Balloon series consists of original illustrations done with red accents.

A balloon is a very sentimental symbol to me, and you’ll see it pop up in my work a lot. When I was younger, my mom bought me a “My Little Pony” helium balloon. It was my first, and the way the balloon floated and danced with movement seemed like complete magic to me. I brought this balloon everywhere with me in the house. I was so proud of it, I later took it outside to show my friends. Once outside, I released the string and said, “Look! It floats ALL the way to the ceiling!” As I watched my beloved balloon float away, I was completely devastated and immediately learned the power of helium… and wind. To my parents, it was just a balloon. But to me, it was my first real experience of loss. I loved that balloon so much, and to blame myself for it floating away was really hard. We experience different levels of joy and loss each day. To me – a balloon has always encapsulated the beauty of both the highs and the lows.

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