Dr Seuss Was Right…Oh the Places I’ll Go

Dr Seuss was right…oh the places I’ll go…or my work rather. One great thing about my job is seeing all of the different ways people use my work. I have designed book covers for years now, with authors and audiences ranging the whole gamut. My personal drawings have reflected times of darkness, loss, hope, laughter, …

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Hatch Tribe Logo

Forget Ocean’s 8, It’s Hatch Tribe’s 29

Hatch Tribe published its “29 Successful Female Entrepreneurs You Ought to Know” this month, and I was absolutely honored to be chosen as one of the 29. For those of you who may not know, Hatch Tribe is a professional organization, founded by Hilary Johnson, for women entrepreneurs where they can not only network with …

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Frothy Beard

Frothy Beard, Posters and Sketches

    Designs and sketches for Frothy Beard Brewing Company! I did a lot of delicous, delicious beer research to be able to do work like this. I’d like to thank Frothy Beard and my 20’s for making it all possible. ⠀

Interview with HK Power Studio

Here’s an “inside the studio” interview I did with Heather Powers, who is a designer as well as a professional organizer. To have that combination of talents is kind of like finding a unicorn.

In the Designer Spotlight

For January’s Refresh Charleston event, I’ll be hosting a mini-art show. I’m also featured in the designer spotlight on the Refresh Charleston website.

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