Flying Hamster!!

It’s a bird. It’s a plane… Nope, it’s a mother flying hamster. Thanks to Kevin Hanley, of the Business Company, one of my favorite illustrations to date was brought to life! Hopefully we’ll be making time to do some more quick videos in the future, because he’s in charge of some pretty cool stuff. Check …

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Impromptu Show with the talented Alison Ross

I was lucky enough to get the chance for an impromptu joint show with Alison Ross at the Orange Spot Coffeehouse in Park Circle. Both of us being lovers of creating critters, our art pairs very well and we called the show, “Dueling Unicorns.” The art will display for the month of March.  

Ahoy to the New Aquatic Series

Living on the coast, I am definitely inspired my surroundings. This series is a tribute to the waters that surround my town and the amazing environment and culture that it provides. The images are hand drawn and overlaid on top of an antique nautical map.

Drawcember, the Sequel!

It was that time of year again… when I challenge myself to do a drawing a day for the month of December. This year, I’m upped the challenge from last year, trying to make each illustration an inked or colored piece. Here are the festive results.

super chick

Say Hello to the “Warm Fuzzies” Series

A new series I’m working on, called “Warm Fuzzies.” They are a series of random thoughts and positivity that I wanted to sketch out. My ultimate goal is to hopefully put some smiles on faces. Watch this space, there will be a lot more to come…

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