Children’s Book Sketches and Illustrations, While Mommy is Out

  Some sneak peaks at illustrations and character development sketches for a new children’s book I’m working on, written by the fantastic @terierricogriffis ! I’m excited as this project progresses and will be sharing updates as it gets closer to completion. I can’t wait to share the finished product!⠀

Commission Work, February

The bubble shooting alligator is a piece I did for my newest little nephew! My inspiration for this was Rambo–as an alligator–with an acceptable violence level for a newborn. Makes perfect sense if you know this little guy’s dad.   The second piece represents my appreciation for those folks who are obsessed with their pets. Those …

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Do What You Love Series, Owl Addition

Decided the “Do What You Love” Series was in need of some owls! Some very flexible owls. These guys are part of my “Do What You Love” series. I think when you are truly loved, it lifts you up figuratively and sometimes literally. Hope you all get to experience both!

Valentine’s Day Love Doodles

A great, smart-ass love story. That’s what everyone should strive for! If you’re a weirdo like me that celebrates Valentine’s day in a an non-traditional way, check out my Love Doodles series.

Do What You Love Series

Finally added my newest series on my website shop! I love these little critters and think they work great for anyone that needs a little happy animal art in their life!

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