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Narwhal Field Note Notebooks

Field Note Notebooks, Narwhal Edition

The are blank Field Note brand notebooks, with my personalized logo on the back. Great for jotting down doodles, dreams, or to-do lists. You know you need a notebook with a Narwhal on it. ⠀

Collaboration with my niece Alexandra

Did some drawing collaboration with my favorite girl. Luckily we’re into the same things–dinosaurs, balloons, rainbows, and lava.  She drew the “T-Rex” at the bottom all on her own, and then made the lava head straight for it. I love my niece so hard.

The Flying Octopus

“The Flying Octopus.” One of my favorite illustrations to date. Eventually going to make this guy into a children’s book.

Happy Earth Day! But…

On this Earth Day, let’s remember those less fortunate celestial bodies. For just 32 cents a day, you can help Pluto become a planet once again.

Revamp of the Walls at Theatre 99

I’m lucky enough to have adorned the walls of local comedy mecca, Theatre 99 for quite some time. This month I did a refresh of my collection with some newer pieces, including larger 12″ by 16″ canvas prints of the monocle and music menagerie series.

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