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Love is in the Air!

I am sure the fact that Valentine’s Day is approaching is a surprise to no one. (The flippin’ heart candy was in stores before I took down my Christmas tree!) I also know that this holiday, like many others, can be a welcomed or dreaded event. I am hoping to help everyone focus on the …

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It’s that season of giving again!

Undoubtedly, you have already been bombarded with holiday commercials, black Friday promotions, and Christmas carols while still finishing the dregs of your Halloween candy leftovers (because, lets be honest, you finished the good candy long ago.) I love the holidays…decorating my house, singing along with the Beach Boys Christmas album, making cookies with my nieces …

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Pipsqueak Cover

Hip Hip for Pipsqueak the Puppy!

Hello all and pardon my blog absence since the new year…holidays and honeymoons and catching-up-from-those-things, oh my! As I have posted before, I have been loving some of the sweet and interesting children’s books that have come my way for illustration. One such book was Pipsqueak the Puppy by Lissa Webber, which I wrote about …

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