Logo Design, Stone Soup Collective

I’m very excited to present the logo design I did for the Stone Soup Collective . Not only are these guys going to make a delicious product, but they’re also going to help lots of people in need. Check them out and follow them to find out more about an amazing local company.

Pattern Time!!

Had the pleasure of switching gears a little bit and working out some pattern designs this week! I’m excited about a new outlet for my illustrations and think it could lead to some cool fabric and product designs! Watch this space because I’m hoping that some great, new stuff will be available soon!    

Styling and Profiling

Presently, I am working on a website update as well as a branding facelift. This meant it was time to organize a photo shoot to get some stylized shots of my art. So I had to call in the big guns… Alison Ross: Illustrator, Wire Taxidermist, and all around amazing human. We had such a …

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