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Cut Your Strings, Don’t Apologize for Taking Up Space Series


Cut Your Strings

How much of yourself has been molded by the views of others? Ever hear things like: Go to this college…just suck it up and be nice…that person is not right for you…girls/boys should never do that…that career choice is too risky? How others perceive us can be a double edged sword. Sure, we want others to see us a capable, worthy, and valuable…but if they do not, we are no less those things. Curating yourself to how others define you can only limit what you could be and eventually can create shackles of your own making. Cut those strings! Blaze your own path. Be who you ARE, and leave them no choice but to see the real you.

Don’t Apologize for Taking Up Space Series:

What a difference a pandemic makes, huh?? But one welcomed result from my post-2020 time has been an unplanned — yet unavoidable — journey of introspection. It’s like I unpacked a mental closet full of dusty boxes that I’ve been quite happily ignoring for years. And while I wouldn’t consider many parts of that process “fun”, coming out the other side of it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Here is a message that has continually slapped me in the face over time: “Don’t apologize for the space you take up.” And like the polite, southern transplant that I am, I chose to repeatedly ignore it, switching my focus to something way easier.

Then one day, I not only heard the message but accepted it. For the first time in my life, I started down a path of unabashed self-acceptance. I told my negative inner voice: “Thanks for the memories, but your services are no longer required” (I’m sure she’ll come back to visit someday, but now I’ll make her stay in a hotel).

I finally accepted that I am enough. I feel comfortable in my own skin. And I am INCREDIBLY grateful to honestly believe these things about myself.

So out of all that, this series was born. I hope these pieces remind you of a similar life journey or potentially inspire you to seek one out. I think Lizzo summed it best with her words, “I’m not trying to sell you me. I’m trying to sell you you.”

To embrace your voice and hug that inner self, check out the rest of this collection and others in my shop.

Product Details:

This is a high-quality print of my original illustration which was done by hand, with the textures and color added digitally. It is printed with a professional quality inkjet Epson on heavyweight photo supreme matte paper.

The print will be stamped on the back by yours truly. It will come shipped to you via USPS in a clear cellophane sleeve within with cardboard packaging envelope to ensure a safe bend free delivery.

***Frame is not included.

Printed in High Color on an Epson Stylus Artisan 1430 printer.
Printed on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper (Heavyweight Stock).

Have Questions or Want More?

If you need a special size just contact me. I can print larger or smaller if needed.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions! Thank you for viewing my store.

For my latest doodles, pictures of commissioned work, and giveaways, follow me on Instagram @Tami_Draws or Facebook @tamilikelikestodraw.




5" x 7" (Small), 8" x 10" (Large), 11" x 14" (Extra Large)

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