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Meet the Tribe: Interview with an Afternoon Narwhal

I have mentioned before how much I appreciate the knowledge and support I have gained by being a member of Hatch Tribe. I was honored to, again, be recognized by them in their Meet the Tribe feature. After any interview, I always wonder how my responses come across in print. I mean, I totally sound like a professional when I refer to myself as an afternoon narwhal, right? In all seriousness, I am happy to share my journey, my process, or my advice in the hope that some part of it is helpful to someone on a similar path. I have had some times in my life when I have had great guides and some times when one would have been much appreciated…so if anything I can share adds value or humor, that is outstanding.

This [Hatch Tribe] community fascinates me because we all are doing such crazy different things in work and life, but as entrepreneurs, we all share common hardships and stresses. I love that Hatch Tribe has created a community of like-minded women available to me that I’ve never had before. A lot of times, it’s a sense of emotional support – “Oh, I’m not crazy??? Everyone feels like this???” And other times, it’s a great source of ideas and tips since everyone has a different wheelhouse to pull from. I use Member’s Circle as a way to ask questions and get recommendations from people that know way more than I do on various topics. I hope that, in return, I’m that helpful person for other people.
~Tami Boyce, Excerpt from Meet the Tribe

I feel that it is really important for people to find their tribe, find people navigating some piece of life that is similar to their own. This includes finding a tribe or tribes that match your life in both professional and personal ways. I value my fellow female entrepreneurs, my fellow designers, my fellow fur-moms, my fellow west-ashleyians (can we start calling ourselves that?), my fellow artisans, and, of course, my fellow afternoon narwhals.

Mort in Edinburgh, the Terrifying Ferris Wheel


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