Drawcember Challenge!!

Challenged myself with a sketch a day for the month of December. Some were inked, some were rough… but all were pretty fun to do.  

Interview with HK Power Studio

Here’s an “inside the studio” interview I did with Heather Powers, who is a designer as well as a professional organizer. To have that combination of talents is kind of like finding a unicorn. http://hkpowerstudio.com/inside-the-studiotami-boyce/

Revamp of the Walls at Theatre 99

I’m lucky enough to have adorned the walls of local comedy mecca, Theatre 99 for quite some time. This month I did a refresh of my collection with some newer pieces, including larger 12″ by 16″ canvas prints of the monocle and music menagerie series.

Running Squid

First ever Charleston “Drink and Draw” Meet Up

April 24 marked the first meeting of a new Charleston group called, “Drink and Draw.” Basically, its a fun, informal way to meet other people who like to doodle. These were some sketches from a grab bag including random words to get the creative juices flowing.

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