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Positivity, with a Side of Snark

universe half-listening positivity with a side of snark series

My newest series, “Positivity, with a Side of Snark” is very close to my heart. For the last few years, I’ve illustrated a lot of children’s books and kid-themed art. While I love that kind of work, this series was a chance to return to my roots – using the f-word in my art.

Generally, I’m a pretty positive and upbeat person. But no one can be upbeat 100% of the time, and no one really trusts that person who seems 100% positive. The ideas that went into this series were based on my 80/20 ratio philosophy of positivity to snark. It’s that little dash of snark that allows us to be honest, while still giving the world a much-needed dose of positivity.

A few years ago, I sat myself down and tried to sum up why I do art. After an in-depth five minute soul search, I realized I do this to try and make the world a little happier. I hope that in some way my art results in more smiles on faces. I’ve always considered myself a sort of underdog – a band geek that never really found mainstream popularity and someone who wholeheartedly accepted that. I want my art to give a voice to my tribe – the weirdos out there, having fun on the winding path of the road less traveled.

This series seemed to develop as a matured progression from my older work, which focused on one-panel comics. It gave me an outlet to illustrate some thoughts I’ve been having, like making sure other underdogs know they also have a voice and should be heard! But at the same time, I don’t honestly think everyone needs to feel like they have a voice.

I hope you enjoy these new pieces as much as I enjoyed making them. I hope at least one inspires you to keep it positive, keep it real, and keep it you!

Below are a few more of my favorites; check out the series in its entirety here.

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