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Why Yes, Do Put a Monocle on It

monocle narwhal

One of the first series I put together was “Put a Monocle on It”. I have always loved drawing my quirky animal friends, but who doesn’t love making animals look smarter with perhaps a dash of pretension? Love a unicorn? Put a monocle on it. Love otters? Monocle. The formula was simple, but the personalities that came forth from these newly accessorized critters was anything but.

First you have a sweet platypus. Add a monocle, and now you have Reginald. Reginald’s mantra is, “Why swim when we can just take the yacht?” He wouldn’t classify himself as an elitist or snob–Reginald believes that when you possess such personality and charisma, you’re just naturally better than most people.

Platypus, "Reginald", Monocle

Or perhaps you see a sweet monkey hanging from a tree. Add a monocle and, look out, you have Virgil. Virgil believes there are three kinds of people in this world – the “glass-half-empty” types, the “glass-half-full” types, and the “what-glass?-I- threw-it-across-the-room-hours-ago-along-with-some-feces” types. And when he’s not eating bananas or learning sign language, he’s probably plotting world domination. But any of these attributes is more than enough reason to be very nice to him.

Monkey, "Virgil", Monocle

After illustrating dozens of monocled characters, I put them together in a book along with their individual bios. I love to watch people go through the book and see themselves or their friends in the descriptions. Are you a Reginald? A Virgil? Find your monocled counterpart in the monocle series.

Not sure which monocle you may be? Take this fun quiz and find out!

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