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Who is Inspiring Whom?

who is inspiring whom

Some may say that I am a bit of a kid at heart…no really, they do, don’t let my uber-professional exterior fool you (she say’s as she puts down her unicorn mug from which she sips while wearing narwhal slippers). I think that is why I truly love creating children’s books of my own and illustrating those of others. As a kid, I never knew you could do what I do as an actual job. I would have loved nothing better than for some crazy chick who likes to draw unicorns or a flying octopus to come to my school and tell me this was possible. The more I share my work with children though, I wonder, who is inspiring whom?

But as much as I love to impact young artists, they inspire me too. I love to see where kids take their ideas when they complete the activity sheets that go along with my Owen the Octopus book. There is nothing better than seeing them create something that I never would have imagined. As I read the book aloud, I love to watch them go through Owen’s escapades with him and be truly invested in the outcome.

I recently spent the day with a 6th grader who shadowed me for the day. His ideas and his work were so exciting!ย  And what artist doesn’t hope to meet the people to whom their work speaks? A visit from my niece is never complete until we “do art” together. Her ideas for our drawings and creations are limitless…but most often MUST include a rainbow. Kids, more often than adults, still dream and see possibilities…big dreams and amazing possibilities. Who isn’t inspired by that?

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