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To Moms of Fur Babies on this Mother’s Day

First off, let me say that human kids are great. I know some awesome ones that I love to be around. I am also just fine when those kids eventually go home with their loving parents. I am thrilled to be an aunt to four kiddos and love some of my friends’ kids to pieces. As for me and my home though…we love the fur babies. This blog entry is dedicated to those fur baby moms out there on this upcoming Mother’s Day!

My fur baby and coworker, Olive, is the supreme bestest…sorry, but I am pretty sure science has proven that she is. Olive is thrilled to see me come home, and always thinks my ideas are amazing. Who doesn’t like to bounce ideas off of a nonjudgmental office-mate. And whatever eavesdropping she does (and we all have had one of “those” coworkers), Olive keeps what she hears to herself.

Being the dog lover that I am (you know this if you ave ever visited my vending tent with a dog as I have most likely not let you leave until I pet your pup’s sweet face), I have been asked why I do not have many dogs in my different series of prints. God knows you can find a unicorn, narwhal, otter, owl, llama, or sloth in most any series. I feel like there are so many breeds of dogs, and most of us lean heavily toward one type or another. To draw one type of dog would be to leave out all of the others, and I just can do it! One rare dog appearance is my dog/wolf silhouette, and (spoiler alert) it is very much based on my sweet Olive.

I do get to lend my pen to the many examples of dog cuteness when asked to do custom pet portraits. Any fur mom or fur dad will be quick to tell you about the distinct personality of their fur babies. They are all their own little weird bundles of peculiarity that are fun to depict in their portraits. Now, this is not just true of the pups out there. I love to see the love of all types of parents of fur/feather/scale/shell/exoskeleton babies!

So whether you created a human baby and/or have a beloved fur baby at home, Happy Mother’s Day! I hope that they give you all of the snuggles and kisses you deserve!

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