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Royal Love is in the Air…I guess.

Bunny Just Loves Pickles

Ok, so obviously people have been all a buzz about the upcoming royal wedding for months now. I started reading about it in an effort to figure out why people cared so much…I mean, why?? So I read and read and now catch myself wanting to read more…somehow in trying to prove people were silly for caring, I started to care. Darn you, Prince Harry, and your undeniable charm!

I, too, will be celebrating love this weekend with my own small wedding reception. Now, I don’t have people camping out to see us drive by in a horse drawn carriage…If I do, go home. It’s not happening…shoo! The new royal couple probably won’t have sugar skull face painting at their reception though…so take that, Queen of England. (I didn’t mean that, your highness, you’re awesome).

My art certainly took on a much more sentimental ethos after meeting my love.  My work still has the touches of my old sarcasm, childhood struggles, and humor, but after finding my match, it also shows more hope and vulnerability. Being with someone who lets you be you also lets you celebrate your inner weirdo, which has influenced recent work of mine too.

Few of us will become royalty. Few will have the wedding of the year. But all of us can find ways to show love to others. Those others may be romantic loves, familial loves, soulmate friend kind of loves, or the furry loves I spoke about last week. The love you show may be to those in need or to yourself when you know that your own fuel gauge cannot be ignored. So share your love…even if it’s non-royal commoner love…it can make all the difference!

…now, how early do I have to get up to watch this wedding?

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