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My Double Date with David Bowie and Jim Henson*

Jim Henson life is like a movie quote

*Ok…so I know that David Bowie and Jim Henson are both gone…let a girl dream, ok?

It may have been over 30 years late but I FINALLY was able to see Labyrinth on the big screen. This was a favorite movie and soundtrack of my childhood (and my life since then). This movie merges two loves of mine, the overall awesomeness of David Bowie and the creative genius of Jim Henson. I was also able to bring my niece to the movie and introduce her to all of Labyrinth’s glory. Note the blur in this photo represents the perpetual motion that is this girl!

The work and lives of these two men have influenced my art and several of my Mantra Monday posts. I certainly had to turn to my pen and ink when Bowie passed away. It is hard to imagine that the creativity that filled these two men is gone from the earth. We are lucky to have the nuggets of inspiration that they have left in many of us.

One of the features of this movie’s limited re-release was a piece on the new Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, Ga. This place is now my mecca! They have a variety of programming and education around the field of puppetry including an interactive exhibition called The Jim Henson Collection. I must go to there! My inner childhood self is still drawn to and terrified of seeing “real live”ย skeksis, but I MUST!

So, go about your day as I will, singing “Magic Dance” and trying your best to think different.


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