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Love is in the Air!

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I am sure the fact that Valentine’s Day is approaching is a surprise to no one. (The flippin’ heart candy was in stores before I took down my Christmas tree!) I also know that this holiday, like many others, can be a welcomed or dreaded event. I am hoping to help everyone focus on the love that is around whether that be romantic or otherwise.

Now, we have all heard someone’s (maybe your own) tirade about how Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday by Hallmark to make money. Maybe it is. But let’s take it as incentive to put some love out there. With all the ways we have to tear each other down or to feel alone these days, it’s important to take a minute to tell someone (or a few someones) that they are loved and appreciated.

Maybe you have someone you love and adore and plan to live with forever. Cool! Maybe you have a friend that has stuck by you through thick and thin no matter what. Awesome! Maybe your buddy always has a beer waiting for you when everything else is sh!#. Hey, girl! Maybe it’s a sibling that helped you find your true self and survive childhood. I feel ya! Whatever love gets you out of bed and through the day is worth acknowledging, real holiday or not.

To help you find the right message for your person, I have created a special category for February with all of my love-themed prints and cards. Now, if a bourbon print says it better, then, by all means, send that! Don’t let me box you in.

No matter what you purchase, you will get free shipping with the code LOVEIN2020! This promo code is good from February 1st until February 14th, 2020. Now, get out there are put some of that magic love in the air!

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