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It’s Here! You’re Weird. I Like You.

Tami with Weird Book

December 1st is finally here and my latest children’s book, You’re Weird. I Like You. is officially launched! This is honestly my biggest heart project to date.

For some background on the book, here’s a shocker – I was a weird, little kid. Full disclosure – I was a shy, chubby, weird, little kid. Growing up in a rural town – I just couldn’t seem to find “my people.” For a long time, I wondered if “my people” even existed. ⁠

But then, the Universe smiled upon me – and I met Brad. At that time, he was half my height (… I was also a giant) and I just knew – I had found someone that “got” me.⁠

As time passed, Brad got taller, and we both got weirder. He taught me that being a “weirdo” is a badge of honor, and Brad’s friendship helped guide me to a path of self-acceptance.⁠

This children’s book is inspired by that friendship and the importance of finding a person that truly understands the “real” you. My hope is that “You’re Weird. I Like You.” helps others to find the confidence I did. Let’s all be proud and release our inner weirdos! At the end of the day, who really wants to be called “normal” anyway? Ew, that’s just boring.

A portion of this book’s proceeds are donated to PFLAG, an organization dedicated to supporting, educating, and advocating for LGBTQ+ people and their families. See how you can get involved by visiting their website:

Story Journal_Cover and opening

I also want to remind you about my new Story Journal for kids. I would love for my two newest books to give kids the courage to express themselves and tap into everything that makes them who they are – be that tea parties, soccer games, or dinosaur kung fu!

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