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I’m Foxy and I Know It

Fox, Stay Foxy you do you stylized

In the year and a half since I launched my You Do You series, it has been so much fun seeing in which of these critters people see themselves. Sometimes I could guess it a mile away, and sometimes people have inner weirdos you’d never predict. That is the best thing about art. Whether you make it or simply appreciate it, discovering how something speaks to you versus how it may move someone else is fascinating.

Sloth, Slow Your Roll, you do you
Slow your roll…what is life…who am I?

Now, I am not implying folks contemplate the meaning of the universe and their existence in it while looking upon a sloth telling them to slow your roll…but then again, maybe they do. I am not here to judge that! What I do love is when I see them see something that represents how they think and perhaps how they thought no one else really felt. I know that I love to see an artist’s work and feel like they somehow really get me. (Are they reading my diary? Did I say that out loud?)

If you haven’t checked out this series in a while, go see who may be speaking to you. There are package deals if you have multiple sides to your personality represented. These guys are also on greeting cards now, so you can mail them to your favorite weirdo too!

As a special website offer next week, you’ll be able to use a coupon for free shipping on any You Do You prints for orders of at least $25! Use code* YOUDOYOU at check out.

You Do You Greeting Cards

*coupon code valid 9/16/19-9/20-19

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