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Humor and Heart…I mean it

Tami Boyce Humor and Heart

For those of you who follow me on social media, you may have seen my Mantra Monday quote by Mark Twain. Like many, I learned about Mark Twain and his writings as a kid in school…perhaps more so since I grew up near where he often wrote in his octagonal study. As an adult, however, I have become more interested in his humorous nature (always given with a dash of wisdom).

Mark Twain quote

My man, Mark Twain! Sometimes I just google “Mark Twain Quotes” to be entertained for a bit. He was clever, accomplished, a little wild, and in his spare time grew one an amazing mustache!
His words here struck me this week. Humor is one of my main drives in life. If you and those around you are laughing – that’s the number one telling sign of a good time. And what’s interesting to me is- laughing is an involuntary response. Not a fake laugh, like when you hear a dad joke and you’re being polite. But I’m talking about an honest gutteral laugh- that’s an innate response. Babies laugh! I mean, does that amaze anyone else?!? Like through the million years of evolution, the body knew that laughter was important and we never evolved past it.
I imagine cave men were like, “Hold on saber tooth tiger, wait until I finish this killer knock, knock joke for Herb.” Okay – it probably didn’t go down exactly like that, but close. Humor is so valuable and important to us as humans. I know as some people get older, it’s easy to lose sight of that. This week – my challenge to you all out there is to be grateful for mankind’s greatest blessing: humor. Celebrate it this week and make sure you laugh with those you love (or even alone with yourself). If you need inspiration, google some quotes of my favorite silver fox, Mark Twain.
~@tami_draws 7/16/18

My tagline for is “doodles with humor and heart” and this is a short but honest description of my work and intentions. I think the components of humor and heart are essential for life…one without the other can be cruel. I would hope those that find my work find it to have both of these components as well.



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