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Equal Time for Fur Dads!

Fur Dad

Last month I wrote about my fellow fur-moms out there celebrating Mother’s Day so it would only be fair to give equal time for fur dads this Father’s Day! Being a father means different things to different people. Some men are great dads because they had a great example to follow. Some men are determined to be greats because they didn’t. Some love their biological kids and some love kids born in their heart. And I know many a fur dad out there loving on their ball of fluff with all of their might. This, too, can come about in different ways. Sometimes the fluff ball came with their romantic interest…gotta love the whole package right? Sometimes the fluff showed up on the doorstep. Some rescue their fur babies from shelters or alleys or from other situations unsafe (we all should be so lucky at times).

For our fur dads, these fur balls are more often buddies than babies. These fur pals are fishing buddies, catch players, running partners, and fellow armchair quarterbacks. They are drama free friendships and only ask for more fun (and food and a walk and…well, they can ask for stuff, let’s be honest but they never ask to borrow your truck to move).

I am lucky to have a great fur dad for my fur baby. It’s funny how we found the right fur ball that just fit with us both. Our sweet Olive can definitely play her parents against one another (thanks for breakfast mom….hey dad, I need breakfast, can you hook me up?) but we love that fur face.

Like being a father itself, Father’s Day can mean different things. Whether you are celebrating your own dad, being celebrated by your children, or picking a piece of fur out of your morning toast and loving every minute of it, I hope your Father’s Day is a great one. If Father’s Day is a tough day and these scenarios do not apply to you, perhaps look into rescuing a fur ball of your own who would love his own fur dad like you.


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