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Dr Seuss Was Right…Oh the Places I’ll Go

Dr Seuss was right…oh the places I’ll go…or my work rather. One great thing about my job is seeing all of the different ways people use my work. I have designed book covers for years now, with authors and audiences ranging the whole gamut. My personal drawings have reflected times of darkness, loss, hope, laughter, and love. I have been asked to create logos for businesses from the most serious to those full of whimsy. When I get a commission request that starts with, “Ok, this might be a little strange, but…” I know it’s going to be right up my alley.

I was grateful this week to receive a kind mention by Wesley Donehue, of Push Digital, in his latest blog entry regarding my work for Frothy Beard Brewery. Now, while I appreciate his complements, I also appreciate his insight. He wrote about keeping in mind how your content is consumed by the public. As designers, it can be easy to throw the kitchen sink at a piece, so to speak.

Having the wide range in the types of clients that I do along with the variety of ways my work is used (or consumed), this was an important reminder to keep that specific consumption in mind. Is this a commissioned piece that will hang on a living room wall with all the time in the world to appreciate a million little details, is this a book cover among millions seeking a reader, or is this a logo that must convey the purpose and personality of an organization in an instant?

I have written before about the importance of surrounding yourself with those that get you and what you do. We should always be learning and growing in our crafts and our lives. I love all of the difference places from which my work comes and all of the places it goes. I hope to always send it off with the right gear for that trip.

Thank you to Schmoll Creative for your shout out of my work too! Read their comments and Wesley’s full blog entry here.

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