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Beating Burnout – My Part in this Freelancer Friday

AIGA Beating Burnout

This Friday, August 10th, I will be helping to facilitate a roundtable discussion on beating burnout at South Carolina AIGA‘s Freelancer Friday, hosted and sponsored by Local Works. We all can face times where even our favorite passion projects can overwhelm us and leave us creatively desiccated. Now, I am by know means implying that I have all of the answers for this. I deal with burn out and fight it in my own ways and one of those ways is to talk to others who have felt the same. It is a sort of refueling among comrades in arms. I do truly want to be a facilitator at this event and hear from different people speak about how they experience and avoid burnout.

Creativity is vital to our success as freelancers. It’s also a finite resource and must be managed carefully. But we’re all human and burnout happens to the best of us. Nothing’s worse than the fear that you won’t be able to meet your client’s expectations.
~ AIGA South Carolina, excerpt from the topic description for Freelance Friday 8/10/18

My favorite way to avoid burnout is carving out time to actually draw for myself. I love having numerous paid design jobs in the pipeline (I mean, momma’s got bills, right?), but being able to create and have my ideas be the only parameter limitation is revitalizing. It reminds me that I have the dream job that I never thought I could have.

If you are a freelancer or perhaps think you may transition to be one, I encourage you to join these Freelancer Fridays. Share your wisdom and perhaps pick up a few fresh ideas. I will see you there!

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